Guthmiller Farms

Tripp, SD

Truly God's country. Our nation's "Bread Basket" to the world. The Heartland of America. A place where one can leave the home unlocked and keys in the ignition. Small towns of friendly folks who are always willing to greet strangers, and wave as you drive by. It's a different pace compared to city life, however, that completely changes at harvest, the busiest time of the year. The fields are ripe and ready to be gathered before the cold breath of winter sets in. A time to reap the benefits of a years hard work. Busy were the Guthmiller's on their 5,000+ acre farm near Tripp, South Dakota. The harvest was in full swing when I arrived. Yields were better than expected despite the long dry spell during the summer. Corn averaged 135 bushels/acre and soybeans 60 bushels/acre. The silos were completely filled, therefore, most of the excess corn had to be piled at the field to be shipped later to the grain elevator. It was a great experience to witness and take part in this event.

I would like to give special thanks Delmar & Carol for their warm hospitality and allowing to me to stay with them during the week. Likewise to Diane & Earl Reese, Esther & Maynard, and extended family in Miller, SD for their wonderful visits. I also would like to thank David Guthmiller and the rest of the crew, Nathan, Brian, and Richard, for all their expertise, help, and fun stories. You really made this a memorable occassion.

Below are some pics of the harvest experience, places and people whom I visited....Enjoy !

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Sunrise on the Guthmiller Farm

Old barn stands the testament of time


Old well tower

Yep, this is the place!

Endless rows of corn waiting to be harvested

Corn stalks in 30" rows

Two of three JD 9600's combines use for the harvest

Combine in action. Note the "Pickle Fork" head
Combine with boom extended
The head cuts eight 30" rows

Bountiful quantity of corn !!

Corn is fed into the combine via a central auger and processed inside

Combine is a mechanical marvel that needs field repairs on occassion

Corn has to dry out to less than 14% moisture prior to harvest

Kernels of corn after combining

Combine ready to unload to grain cart

Combining and unloading on the fly !

The grain cart weighs tthe corn to determine yield

Grain cart unlods to a belly dumper tractor trailer rig

The rig holds approximately 55,000 lbs. of grain

Grain is hauled off to silo or elevator

Belly dumping corn into auger

Auger is run by PTO of the tractor

Silos full, had to pile in the field25.jpg

Early beginning of a 20 ft. pile !

One of two 20 ft. piles

Delmar, Carol, and Allan in front of a 20 ft. pile

A tour of a Co-Op grain elevator plant near Parkston, SD

No, this is not gravel. It's a massive pile of soybeans !!

Allan standing in front od soybean pile. over 8 million bushels !

Massive corn pile. About 3 million bushels. Silos too full32.jpg

Looks like a gravel pit operation. Actually it's winter wheat !

Elevator also supplies farm chemicals

Fertilizer plant

Concrete silos over 5 stories high

Fertilizer dispenser tower

Kerry, our guide in the control room

Grain is hauled to ships via railroad

Local engine sorts the hoper cars

Grain drying tower

Silo vaccume system

Silo vents on roof top.

View of the SD prairie

Prairie and corn pile view

Tyndall, one of many midwest towns

Quaint old style buildings

Friendly people

Local barber

Local bank

Town elevator, a testiment of time

Yours truly at the Reese's home near Yankton, SD

Earl Reese on his new 4 wheeler

Diane Reese always busy

Esther & Maynard Guthmiller, Delmar & Carol Guthmiller, Diane & Earl Reese

Mabel & Clarence Wagner

Donna & Cliff Peterson

Mary & Gene Haefner

Eunice Nicholsen, Gene, Mary, Donna

Largest adult candy store, Mitchell, SD. Bring your plastic !

Brass statue symbolizing the local game heritage

Huge ! Almost the size of a Walmart !! Wildlife scenes in all directions

Wouldn't you like to have one of these in your crosshairs ???

This place even has a cafe !

SD is famous for pheasant hunting

And turkeys too..

Prepare for some serious credit debt

Endless guns & amo

Tons of fishing gear too !