ICSF Calls For Article Submissions

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Submissions Wanted:

If YOU are......

  • Overseas Chinese students

  • Overseas Chinese writers or bloggers

  • International students studying in China

Here'sa great opportunity for you to share your valuable voice with the public!

Our Institute is currently inviting those studying, working, or residing in various places of the world who are interested in writing about the global COVID-19 pandemic and/or sharp insights into the building of a global community with shared future to submit their articles for online publication. Please see below for more detailed guidelines.

Submission Requirements:

1)Articles submitted should be original and NOT have been previously published on other public journals, magazines, or social media platforms;  

2)Submissions should beat minimum 1000 words, written ineither English or Chinese;  

3) Articles on personal experiences, observations, and/or reflections associated with the changing local, regional, and/or global environments would be preferred;  

4)Submissions should follow the requirements of authorship and copyright protection (e.g. should contain appropriate and completecitations and referencesif necessary);   

5)You are welcome to select and insertproper images(with references) into your articles to complement the text contents;    
6)Please send your work via email entitled“name+country+ICSFwriting”. Your email should also contain yourpersonal information such as your name, country of residence, age, nationality as well as a brief biography about your educational and/or working experiences;   
7) High-quality submissions will be considered for publication on the Institute's Official WeChat Account  and later as parts of a themed collection  in printed format;   
8) High-quality submissions will also be considered for financial rewards granted by the Institute; 
9)If you have further inquiries, please subscribe the Institute's WeChat Official Account for more information. 

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For Your Information

I. About CUC:

Communication University of China(CUC)is founded in 1954 and directly administered by the Ministry of Education of China (MOE). CUC has been nominated by the MOE to participate in the “Double First-Class” Initiative, and has taken part in the “211 Project” and “985 Project Innovation Platform” by the Chinese government. CUC is a comprehensive university featuring media and communication education.

CUC has also established strong collaborations and partnerships with more than 200 renowned universities, research organizations, and media institutions worldwide. In addition, CUC also runs the UNESCO Chair on Media and Gender, along with many other high-level international research institutes, such as European Media Research Center. The university initiated high-end academic platforms for international media and higher education institutions including Asia Media Forum, World Women University Presidents Forum, and China Communication Forum.

II. About ICSF:

Driven by the revolution in information and communication technology, the international community is connected with each other like never before. Meanwhile, the deleterious effects of non-traditional threats such as climate change, infectious diseases, environmental degradation, nuclear proliferation, terrorism and cyber-attacks have exacerbated the challenges posed to human society. In a world where interdependence is much valued, the successful tackling of these issues require intensified mediation, cooperation and coordination around the globe. 

In this milieu, the Chinese government put forward the proposal of buildinga Community with Shared Future for Mankindas an innovation to the principles, theories and practices of global governance. The vision of a Community with Shared Future for Mankind comprises of an intertwining value system of international cooperation, mutual interests, sustainable development and global governance. It covers a wide range of themes including international relations, media and communication,  people-to-people exchanges, trade and commerce. Envisaged to beand is an intellectual asset of eternal vitality that will add new momentum to the inter-connectivity amongst human societies, it will usher in new perspectives for global communication and coin novel discourses in interaction between civilizations. Albeit being a concept having a five thousand years of legacy, its universality and relevance is palpable in the concerns and issues of our times, and it will ultimately lead the humanity to a harmonious community with a shared future for mankind.

With a mission to promote dialogue among global civilizations and foster mutual understanding among cultures and nations, a strategic research platform of CUC, the Institute for a Community with Shared Future (ICSF) is founded in October 2019.

Our vision is to become a national think tank that provides intellectual support in the building of a Community with Shared Future for Mankind. Empowered with CUC’s eminence in global communication, ICSF harnesses communication as a beneficial instrument in global governance to address major challenges posed by the new era. By creating a world-class academic platform, we strive to achieve excellence in research that can promote constructive exchange and mutual learning among civilizations.

ICSF is a full-fledged research entity with an International Academic Advisory Committee and a Domestic Academic Advisory Committee. The 12 research centers including Center for Dialogue of Civilizations, Center for ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative, Center for Global Communication and Governance, International Culture Trade Research Center, Center for a Community with Shared Future in Cyberspace, Africa Communication Research Center, European Media Research Center, Asian Media Research Center, BRICS Research Center, Latin America Media Research Center, Pakistan Research Center and Tanzania Research Center will support the growth of ICSF along with four administrative divisions: General Affairs Division, Academic Research Division, Domestic Cooperation Division, and International Cooperation Division.

In addition, ICSF will gather the wisdom of leading minds in a global scale to become an open, inclusive and interactive platform that cherish the vision of a Community with Shared Future for Mankind. All writers can illustrate their points and express their hearts to the international world in terms of Community with Shared Future for Mankind.

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